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Currently, North Greenville houses 1500 students on campus. Our housing staff consists of professional and student staff. Our student staff consists of Resident Coordinators and Resident Assistants who are committed to serving the needs of our resident students. Our Residence Life directors not only assign student housing, but also serve as mentors, counselors, and friends. Our staff works closely with our maintenance staff to help maintain and address maintenance requests from our students. Our housing staff is also committed to providing a series of seminars and events that benefit the student personally, spiritually, and socially.


Purpose Statement


NGU Residence Life seeks to provide a distinctive way to learn in an environment that is designed to prepare students to serve, lead, and engage while giving the student an opportunity to build life-changing relationships. The resident halls are communities designed to serve one another, lead in relationships that are pleasing to God, and engage in fellowship with one another.


Student Experience Outcomes


Students involved in Residence Life will:

  1. Experience an overall satisfaction with their residential facilities.
  2. Develop conflict resolution and social skills, which will allow them to live cooperatively with others. 
  3. Encounter students from many different cultures and backgrounds, and will be able to value their differences in a Christ-centered environment. 
  4. Experience the service and leadership of Resident Assistants and Resident Coordinators.

The Resident Assistant Association (RAA) exists to serve resident students at North Greenville University.  Resident Assistants (RAs) and Resident Coordinators (RCs) live and serve in the residence halls with their peers.  They are available to any resident student who may need help adjusting to the university lifestyle, finding where to go on campus, or even those who may just need someone to talk to.  


Apply to be a Resident Assistant


RA Application

RA Reference Form

To submit a maintenance request, please contact your RA. They will submit a work ticket for you.

After hours emergencies can be submitted through Campus Security (864) 977-7777.

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